Sining Marsiyal ng Pilipinas Arnis

SMP ARNIS is a backyard type of organization that trains for the love of the art and for the people we meet along the way. We are committed to presenting the best material and techniques that the styles we represent have to offer.

Member schools, associates and individuals will have the full support of the SMP Group for information, rank certification and training material necessary for their continued success in the Filipino Martial Arts.

While we focus on the teachings of Remy A. and Ernesto A. Presas, we also rely on our combined martial arts backgrounds that brings many different styles to our blend as well as our associations with many masters, grand masters and talented artists who represent our martial arts family.

We remain students of the FMA and are always willing to listen and learn. For those individuals and groups who share these ideas and values, spend a little time and get to know us better. We are your brothers in the arts.