We have moved! Sierra Dojo has partnered with the Douglas County Community & Senior Center to offer martial arts and self-defense classes. Classes begin there on May 4th.

Sierra Dojo is the home of authentic traditional karate. Huh? What is that? Developed on the island of Okinawa, it is a civilian method of self-defense that emphasizes both physical precision and application of technique. You need to know why moving or doing a certain movement is better than another and how to apply it in a given situation. It’s not for winning trophies in a tournament (although we’ve done that), nor killing your enemy on the battlefield (that is what our heroes in the armed services do). It’s about honing your body, mind, and spirit for defending yourself against the thugs and idiots that want to hurt you or your family.

We teach what works; proven by decades of practical use by law enforcement and others who have to know how to defend themselves. To quote Master Isham Latimer, ninth-degree black belt and veteran police officer, “It’s sweet for the street.”

Put down the iPod, cell phone, and turn off the TV. Spend quality time in an honorable pursuit that builds self-confidence, keeps you in shape, and gets you prepared for whatever life throws at you!

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