SierraDojoMartialArtsFinalSierra Dojo offers training in Order of Isshinryu Karate and Presas Arnis.

Karate was originally developed on the island of Okinawa as a civilian method of self-defense that emphasizes both physical precision and application of technique. One must know why moving or doing a certain movement is better than another, and how to apply it in a given situation. It’s not for winning trophies in a tournament (although we’ve done that), nor killing your enemy on the battlefield (that is what our heroes in the armed services train to do). Rather, it is about honing your body, mind, and spirit for defending yourself against the thugs and idiots that want to hurt you or your family.

Classes are held at the Douglas County Community Center. This keeps the cost of training low and the quality of training high.

There are many benefits to traditional training: better balance, increased awareness, improved concentration and reaction time, flexibility, strength, and much more. Every class is unique, every class makes you sweat, and every class gives you something to strive for. Isn’t it time you began that journey to personal excellence?


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